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It’s NOT Illegal. . . Go Ahead, Play Christmas Music All Year

I have always loved Christmas music! When I was little I used to listen to Christmas music all the time. My 2 favorite were the Chipmunks Christmas album, and a recorded live children’s Christmas Party.  OHHHHH they were so fun! 

YES, they were 8 track tapes!  What’s an 8 track? Well, they were the popular way of    distributing music for our listening pleasure. This was before cassette tapes. What’s a cassette tape? OH Boy. . . . I’m really telling my age here, aren’t I!? LOL Cassette tapes were before CD’s, and now we all download our music digitally. There you have it in a nutshell. Okay, back to the story!

I played these tapes over and over and over and over.  I had them memorized forwards and backwards.  It was like an escape, on any given day or month, right back to the joy and happiness that Christmas brings. Of course, my favorite Chipmunks song was their “Christmas Don’t be Late”.  ALLLVIINNN!!!!
The Christmas Party album was perfection (to me) so it’s hard to choose just one favorite!  Perhaps, “Frosty the Snowman” and “The Littlest Angel” would be my top two.  But then there’s also “Up on the Housetop”, and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, and “Here Comes Santa Claus”. . . . Seriously, such a great album! 

 I played theses albums so much that my Sister and Brother told me that it was ILLEGAL to listen to Christmas Music when if wasn’t Christmas time! I BELIEVED Them! For a very long time I believed them.  Like for a Really, Really Long time!!  At least a couple years!
Naturally, once I realized they had told a Big Fat Fib. . . I played it louder and more often.

Years later, once my nieces were old enough, to sing a long with me, I introduced them to playing Christmas music anytime of the year. I had them with me for a fun summer day. We were in my car and I popped in some Christmas music. They were a little shocked at first, then realized how fun it was to enjoy our beloved Christmas joy anytime’ of the year! I also shared with them what their Mom and Uncle had done to me years before!
Of course, once they were home the first thing they did was tell my sister that we had been listening to it. We all had a pretty good laugh.  It’s actually become a tradition for us to call or text each other if we hear Christmas music playing when it isn’t Christmas.  Such as when the local radio stations, sometimes, celebrate “Christmas in July”! If they don’t celebrate it then I definitely do and share the experience with my family.

Even though I love Christmas and Christmas music, I did go through a period of time where I did not listen to it or even really enjoy it.  Unfortunately, my Daddy passed away on Christmas Eve.  Afterwards, I didn’t care about listening to the Chipmunks, the Christmas Party or even watch any Christmas movies.  I struggled with feeling depressed, sad, angry, and as if I shouldn’t enjoy holidays anymore. 
I was so engulfed in grief.  |
Then, with time, my “happy” came back.  I realized my Daddy would not want me to miss out on living life to the fullest and enjoying the things I loved.  Even though he wasn’t here to enjoy them with me, I knew he’d always be with me in my heart!

Now, listening to it, throughout the year, helps me deal with losing Daddy, on Christmas Eve, puts a smile in my heart knowing that he’d be shaking his head and laughing at me and my quirkiness! 

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Are you a Nurturing Empath?

I am loving, caring, nurturing, supportive, strong, courageous, smart and kind. I have certain qualities that no one else has. I Am Unique! The Need to Nurture is Healthy and Normal. I’ve been a nurturer since. . well, Forever! My instincts to nurture are so strong that they seem to extend to anyone that crosses my path. Anyone with a problem, a question, a need to talk, a shoulder to cry on, I am right on it, I can’t help myself! I have a need to help.

For me, I chalk it all up to being a “good friend.” That’s what friends do right? They jump in and rescue you when you are drowning and extend a hand to pull you up. They stay by your side, they tell you the truth you need to hear, they show compassion, they give you guidance, they love you, they nurture you, they support and encourage you.

Yet, sometimes I need a break from feeling all the emotions and energy of others.  I love helping people, listening to people, and being around people. . . I’m a people person.  That said, there are times that I seriously need to shut down and recharge my mind, body, and soul.  Just as a phone battery needs charged. 

That doesn’t happen every day but a lot of times it does.  You see, I am very sensitive to the emotions and feelings of those that are around me. . . .Friends, family, strangers, even animals.  I am an Empath. My heart, mind and soul actually feel their pain, joy, and stress. It goes beyond feeling empathy for others.  When you feel empathy for others it’s because they’ve told you about how they are feeling or you have picked up on their body language.  For me, I can feel and internalize others emotions and energy without physical cues. Occasionally, to the extent that it can feel like a panic attack. This can be stressful at times, it’s even worse if I am also experiencing my own anxiety. 

YES, I have anxiety.  I am learning that it is Not something to be ashamed of and I’ll discuss that more later in another blog post.

I’m a “newbie” to realizing that I’m an Empath, and learning what that means for me. I’ve always been extremely touched by others emotions, deeply empathetic, and understanding. It’s just in the last few years that I’ve realized what I was feeling were not only my emotions but others emotions too. So for now, I’m trying to keep my balance while helping others keep their balance.  Sometimes, it’s a juggling act and I pray that I don’t drop the wrong ball!

Now and then people will feel like they are burdening me with their problems by coming to me. Nothing could be further from the truth. By coming to me they allow me to fill this need inside to help. I may not ALWAYS be able to “come at your beckon call” to a gathering, event, or crisis at that specific moment. It Doesn’t mean I think of you less or am not a good friend to you. It just means that I can only give you what I have, at that moment, and I Will give you what I can! Belittling me or laying a “guilt trip” on me, for it, makes me feel absolutely horrible and yeah, I do take that personally.

I’m the gal that will give 115% whenever I can! I’m like the story of the guy who walks along the beach throwing starfish into the ocean…he can’t save all the starfish, but he can make a difference in the lives of those he throws back into the water.

I just want to make a difference, regardless of how small, in the lives of those people I touch. I don’t even do it consciously or for recognition. I am just being me doing what comes naturally! Guess My Mama nicknamed me right! At least I hope, Sunshine is conveyed in my presence cause I sure do Try!

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